Let’s face it, Saturday was a shitter. For us here at FTF, we felt it was worse than after the Rovers game but that’s something we’re sure many people will have different opinions on.

This week’s instalment of season two of the From the Finney podcast was, despite the circumstances, an enjoyable one. We discussed the football at the weekend and, to a man just how poor it was, but there was plenty of praise for Luton and Nathan Jones, the fact that they had highlighted some of our weaknesses and worked on exploiting them, the future of the manager, some of our players and just where exactly we feel the club is going.

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It’s a rocky road when you don’t back your manager by signing up your key players to new deals in a timely manner and are on the verge of potentially losing all 4 of them for free when a bit of forward planning might have seen the club recoup the best part of £40/50m for the likes of Ben Pearson, Ben Davies, Alan Browne and Daniel Johnson if they all had better contracts than they do now, and of course longer ones.

Thanks as ever if you asked a question and if we answered yours, hopefully, you got something from it. We also finished up looking ahead to the Barnsley game and we all gave our predictions for that: Oli: 2-0 North End. Jimmy: 2-2. Jake: 1-1.

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Our latest Monday column for our friends over at Lancs.Live is now available. This week’s piece is from Oli and he outlines the need for defensive additions in the coming January window.

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