Preston are Prospering: A Piece for playmakerstats


We recently wrote a piece for our friends over at playmakerstats taking a look at North End’s start to the season and how I wouldn’t have and didn’t have us down for doing as well as we currently are doing.

In fact, no one in our prediction piece at the start of the season had us down as doing too well overall. Granted, there is still a long way to go this season and a lot of things could still happen but as I say in the piece if you’d have offered me 2nd heading into the final international break of the season, I’d have absolutely snapped your hand off.

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Anyway, you can find playmakerstats over on twitter – @playmaker_EN and you can read the piece we’ve written here – Preston are Prospering.

Finally, the latest episode of From the Finney Meets… is out now with Neil Mellor. Hit the play button below to give it a listen.