From the Finney Turns One and We Want Your Feedback


So, as per the title, today is our first birthday! It’s been 12 months to the day since we started the site and it’s just over 9 months since we started the podcast.

In that time we’ve had over 33,000 users on the site and over 63,000 pageviews. Our content has been read from as close to home as the UK (obviously), Ireland, the USA and Australia and as far afield as Malaysia, the UAE, Senegal and the Cayman Island with approximately 150 different places on top of those, too.

The podcast seems to have gone down well with you all too. I’d say that over 18,300 downloads/listens of our episodes says that you seem to enjoy it. From month one to the end of January, we’ve seen an increase in monthly downloads/listens of 2,396%. Pretty staggering in my book considering I had little expectation when I started it back in May.

You all seem to really love the From the Finney Meets… episodes. So far they have been listened to over 5,300 times. So, that’s 8 Meets… episodes, 29 normal, weekly episodes and 2 “special” episodes; 40 episodes in total.

We’re well over 1,300 followers on twitter now which we’re really happy with. That’s over 100 new followers a month so thank you for all your support on twitter.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to both the website content and the podcast. Also, thanks to Dan and Oli for starting the pod with me in the beginning.

Shoutout to Jimmy, Ryan, BenHD, Dave Seddon, John Kelly, Bob, Olly Dawes and everyone else who has joined me on the pod since May. You’ve all made it good fun.

Also, a big shout out to our guests on From the Finney Meets… Thanks to David Lucas, Chris Sedgwick, Graham Alexander, Neil Mellor, Iain Hume and Colin Murray for coming on the podcast so far. Also, thanks to Andy Lonergan whose episode is going to be released in February.

I have one favour to ask you all if you’re reading this and are a regular consumer of any of our content. We have a feedback form below, if you could fill that out honestly, it would mean a great deal to me as I try my best to improve every part of From the Finney.

Finally, thanks to you for reading and listening to our content.